Snoopy Needs YOUR Help!

Posted by: | Posted on: November 12, 2020

Snoopy needs your help! At 8 months old, Snoopy has been at the shelter for nearly half his life. He came to the shelter as a snotty little stray with no one claiming him as their own. With our help, he was able to overcome his upper respiratory infection quickly and his personality really began to come to light.

He is one of the most quirky and fun guys at the shelter. He loves to play in water and explore every place he can. Snoopy would do fine with dogs that will give him space. He would love some kids to play with too. He even has his favorite Solo Cup toy that we would be more then happy to send with him. Snoopy is sure to brighten your day. He is a shelter favorite for sure!

Unfortunately, Snoopy has an eye condition which is believed to be the feline herpes virus. If it is this, it is contagious to other cats, but not to people or other species. Generally, this virus causes eye discharge at varying degrees, sometimes based on stress. Overall, the feline herpes virus does not affect the life or health of a cat, but may need a little additional care.

Snoopy has grown up here and this is becoming mentally harmful to him. Being restricted to a cage, Snoopy cannot develop and explore the way he needs to for his age. This is so heartbreaking for us at the shelter as we have nursed him back to health and have become attached to the little quirky guy. We are unsure of how long we can humanely care for him as he ages.

He can go to a home with other cats that have the same virus, or as an only cat. Please share Snoopy’s story and help us find him a home before Thanksgiving. He deserves it! The Shelter is covering his adoption fee so that he may go home free of charge!

Please step up for Snoopy! Tis the season to be grateful, and the shelter staff would be so grateful to know that Snoopy has a home!

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