Behavior and Training Handouts

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These handouts below are to help address specific behavior issues. Please consult your veterinarian or a dog trainer for further assistance.

Feel free to download and print the handouts below:

Aggressive Behavior in Dogs                        

Barking Problems     

Calming Fearful Dogs 

Canine Escape Artist         

Cat Agression_People

Cat Destructive Scratching

Cat Toys

Coping With Allergies              

Crate Training Your Dog

Dog Toys                                                                       

Dogs Destructive Chewing                                         

Dogs Overcoming Noise

Dominant Dog                            

Fearful Behavior_Cats                          

Free-Roaming Cats

House Training Puppies                      

Introducing A New Cat                             

Introducing A New Dog

Kitties Rough Play       

Litter Box Training          

Litterbox Problems

Nothing In Life Is Free                                   

Positive Reinforcement_Cat    

 Positive Reinforcement_Dog

Prepare for New Baby                        

 Puppy Behavior_Chewing 

 Puppy Behavior_Nipping

Reducing Urine Marking             

 Removing Stains_Odors      

Selecting The Right Pet

Separation Anxiety                        

Solving Cat Agression       

Stop Your Dog Digging

Submissive Urination                                              

Understanding Kittens                       

Understand Puppy Behavior 

Understand Talkative Cats                          

Unusual Eating Habits                 

Using a Head Halter

Using Aversives_Cat                                       

Using Aversives_Dog                      

When You’re Ill

Your Pregnancy_Your Cat