Harvest Hoosier or Island Castaway? The choice is yours!

Posted by: | Posted on: October 4, 2017

As an Emergency Placement Partner with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), we have responded to the disaster in Puerto Rico. In keeping with our commitment to make this the year of the cat at the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter, we have accepted 50+ displaced cats from the Humane Society of Puerto Rico.  Emptying their shelter then allows the Humane Society of Puerto Rico to accept as many displaced animals as they can. Keeping pets caught in the disaster closer to home provides a better chance for reunification with their families.

These animals have undergone a health evaluation and will be available for adoption as soon as we are able to place our current “Harvest” of felines that we have up for adoption.  Many of our “harvest” kitties have been growing up here, and are now ready for placement.  To accelerate the reaping of our crop of kitties, all cat adoption fees will be waived* through the end of October, thanks to the Floyd County Animal Rescue League (FCARL).

Come to New Albany and enjoy a “Harvest” of a humane kind! Adopt an “island” or a “homegrown Hoosier” feline friend.

The shelter could use some items to assist us with care of our over abundant “crop” of felines:

Science Diet adult and kitten dry food, Iams adult and kitten dry food, Canned cat food, Cat toys, Towels, Liquid Laundry detergent, Paper Towels, Cash Donations

Please like us on facebook and bookmark our website to keep on top of the happenings with these Felines.  *Floyd County / New Albany residents must pay a $5.00 Lic registration Fee