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URGENT NEED! 13 Guinea Pigs were abandoned outside the shelter in deplorable plastic tubs full of saturated and infested bedding and moldy slimy water. Please help us care for these unexpected friends until they are ready for adoption. Below is a link to our Amazon wishlist.

Please note: Items can be purchased from anywhere, including our friends at Feeders Supply.. Shavings have to be kiln-dried and hay has to be timothy hay.

Watch our Facebook and website for more information on their availability. Information will not be released prior to their availability.

Cat intakes temporarily suspended.

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Nemo has been adopted!

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After 5 long months of shelter life, Nemo finally has a family of his own!

Holiday Closing

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National Pet ID Day

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A collar and ID tag are your first line of defense against losing your pet. They are the universal symbol that your pet has a home and family. The person who finds your pet might not even be aware of the other forms of ID like microchips or tattoos. Therefore, your pet should always be wearing a collar with ID whenever it’s safe to do so. ID tags are relatively inexpensive and can be obtained at pet stores and even online.

Space on an ID tag is usually limited to 2-4 lines of text, so choose your information carefully! Some key items to consider include: your dog’s name, your phone number(s) with area code, and your address.

Collars can fall off and tags can break, leaving your pet without ID. That’s why they should have permanent backup identification as well. A microchip is a fantastic option that typically costs between $25 and $50 including the one-time registration fee. Microchips are quite small, about the size of a grain of rice, and are implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades. The procedure is much like a vaccine injection – quick and almost painless. Once the chip is in place, your pet has a lifelong and internationally recognized method of identification!

There are GPS smart collars that allow you to track your pet’s location with an app on your phone, tags with QR codes that can be scanned with a cellphone camera, and even personalized collars with important information engraved. 

Whatever form of ID you choose, ensure that your pet is safe and secure this holiday weekend!