Tomorrows Offsite!

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Snip Clinic Transport Cancelled

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** ATTENTION**  The Kentucky Humane Society’s SNIP Clinic has cancelled our June Transport. We are currently looking at other options, as are they. We will contact those on the transport as soon as we have more alternatives. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

June’s Newsletter is here!

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**CORRECTION** – Dog Days at the Drive-In is July 9th, NOT July 11th!


Summer break is here! This month’s newsletter is all about things to do with your dog this month, or this summer, to make it the best for everyone! Read ahead to find out more!

Summer Fun … include your K9!

Get inspired to make the most of the season with these ideas for summer bliss with K9 family members and attend our summer dog friendly events!

Add a summer twist to your regular routine. We all know dogs like treat-stuffed Kongs, so why not try a simple summer twist? Stuff the Kong (or any food-stuffable dog toy) with whatever stokes your dog—peanut butter, wet dog food, softened kibble, mashed banana—and then pop it in the freezer.

Cool your dog down. Dogs don’t sweat like people do. Instead they regulate their body temperature through their paws and by panting. Help them keep cool on extra hot days by wetting a bandanna, wringing it, out and then popping it in the freezer to make a cooling icy bandana…..



K9 Kool Off

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Volunteers Needed, please contact the shelter for more information.

Of course, you can always bring your pooch for a nice relaxing bath and pooch pop from The Comfy Cow of Southern Indiana!

This event is cash only. You can give your dog a bath yourself with supplies provided, or your own, for $10. Or we can do it for you for $12! All proceeds go to help the animals in our community!K9Ko flyer

Please Help- Donate!

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Brand does not matter! Please bring donations to the New Albany Animal Shelter! Thanks in advance!kittenandpapertowel