Special Shout Out!

Here is a special shout out to the “Best in Show”, our highest level of corporate sponsorship for the dog walk! Links for the sponsors can be found under the PAWS Walk the Riverfront 2014 tab!

PAWS Walk the Riverfront Course

Here is a look at the course for the Dog Walk. Remember to register early to make sure you get a t-shirt and goodie bag!

Hurry Hurry!

We need at least 100 completed registration forms by Sept. 5th to start ordering goodie bag items and t-shirts!

August Newsletter

Here is a sneak peak at August Newsletter! The full newsletter can be found under the “About our Shelter” tab. Don’t forget to check out our Dog Walk in September!

Back to School

                Back to school time is a huge adjustment for everyone, but it’s a big adjustment for our pets, too. Animals become used to their families being around almost constantly. When school starts, this changes drastically. Dogs, especially, are social creatures and can benefit greatly from having humans or other pets around, but the same goes for many other animals. Even if you’re still home but the kids have gone back to school, the lack of playtime and activity can have your pet acting up or feeling depressed when back to school time rolls around. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to help your pet adjust.

1. Practice Leaving

                If you or your kids have been home all day with your pet all summer, the best thing you can do is practice leaving. For the weeks leading up to school starting, find something to do each day that gets you out of the house for a few hours.


Seeking the “Best in Show”

The New Albany Animal Shelter is a strong advocate for animal welfare in our community.  One item that many do not think about when considering an animal’s wellbeing is their interaction and exercise availability.  The City of New Albany is working to open a dog park in the community where the public can take their dogs for some fun! Dogs who have proper interactions are less likely to have behavior issues and be surrendered to the shelter.

                We are holding our first ever dog walk, P.A.W.S. Walk the Riverfront, on September 20th, 2014.  This event is part of a two day event called. P.A.W.S. Rock the Riverfront, which includes several concerts, activities, booths, and fun! Proceeds from the dog walk will go towards funding a dog park in our community.

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