Shelter Closing

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Free Kitten Friday is July 28th!

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Canine Influenza

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Canine Influenza
Due to the recent outbreak of Canine Influenza, usage of the dog park will be at all members’ own risk. If your dog has boarded anywhere, or been in close contact with other dogs, please refrain from using the park for at least two weeks. This should help to protect the other dogs in the park. Vaccinations are strongly recommended if your dog is at high risk. High risk dogs include dogs that participate in dog sports, visit dog parks, or are groomed or boarded. Vaccination may prevent the illness or at least minimize the severity of symptoms.

Dogs infected with the Canine Influenza virus may show varying symptoms from none at all to severe. The most infectious stage of the virus is during the first two to four days of infection before they begin to show signs of illness. All dogs exposed to the virus will contract the disease with varying severity.

Please make an informed decision before you attend the dog park or dog related events. For more information contact your veterinarian or follow this link to read more information provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association,…/PetCare/Pages/CanineInfluenza.aspx

Help! We need canned food!

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Animal Control Authority Board Meeting

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Monday, June 26, 2017

At the New Albany Floyd Co. Animal Control and Shelter

215 W. Market St. in the Maxwell Education Rm.

 Meeting begins at 7:00 PM

Public Input

Approval of Minutes:

 Old Business;

Georgetown Drive IN


Knight and Pigs

Yard Sale June 24th

Director’s Reports:


New Business:

Canine Kool off

Budget 2018

Education / Outreach:

        Shelter Liaison Report