Spring Edition of the Newsletter

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Spring is finally here, and we are so excited! Our spring newsletter is also ready for your enjoyment! Below is a sneak peek. To view the full newsletter, click on the “About Our Shelter” tab above!

Outdoor Kitty Fun
   Thanks to the creation and marketing of cat litter since the mid 1940s, more and more cats are staying in — becoming indoors-only pets, that is. As such, cats are generally leading longer, healthier lives. The average indoor cat lives to be 10-18 years old, and many of us know felines who are older than twenty. Conversely, outdoor-only cats survive for an average of five years in that situation. Our homes offer a safer, healthier environment than life on the street. Just think, no ticks and fleas unless the family dog brings them in; no tangling with rabid raccoons, aromatic skunks or hungry coyotes, and no one-on-ones with moving vehicles. There’s no doubt about it — indoors is safest!…
That said, many cat lovers still prefer to share the Great Outdoors with their feline friends. Happily, there are ways to minimize the risks. While vaccinations are important to indoor cats, they are essential to the health of cats allowed outside. The soil of a garden or yard can harbor diseases spread by stray, unvaccinated cats for many months. And rabies has spread over much of the country, transmitted mainly through altercations with wildlife such as foxes, raccoons and bats…..
Join the Madness
Basketball is always the topic of conversation in March. This year, basketball is also a hot topic at the New Albany Animal Shelter along with kitten season. Soon, the shelter will be overrun with moms and babies. While the shelter does not euthanize due to space, it can easily become crowded and overwhelming for these already stressed animals. Stressed mothers can have a harder time keeping their little ones healthy while they grow.
 To help promote adoptions and reduce overcrowding, the Shelter is embracing basketball madness and holding our March Madness Feline Frenzy. This promotion will be held March 20th through April 1st.

Meet Morris!

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Look at this big and handsome fellow! His name is Morris. He is estimated to be about 3 years old. He is large in both size and personality. He is very affectionate but would probably prefer a quieter household. He is already neutered, microchipped, current on vaccinations, and Felv/FIV tested negative. His adoption fee is only $20! Visit him at the Feeders Supply on State Street. More adoptable animals can be seen by clicking the “Adoptable Animals” tab above!

Rudy is doing great!

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Rudy had his surgery!

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Meet Rudy!

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